In Meydis we can take care of sending bills to all customers. The mass mailing of bills for large companies is one of our major capabilities: offer a comprehensive service to cover the entire cycle of transactional documents, from integration with black and information systems, document design, variable white printing or color, handling and delivery of postal operators.

We provide full traceability of documents using ADF technology, allowing to know at all times the situation and actions associated with the document of each of its customers.

We will also offer the possibility of redesigning their bills to make them promotions vehicle through Billing Marketing or Marketing bills, making their periodic documents communication channels with customers. The Billing Marketing exploits the great potential you invoices and other documents offered as a promotional tool.


Currently, the Communications Management customer (CCM for its acronym in English) relies increasingly on marketing transpromocional: conversion of transactional documents into promotional vehicles and loyalty.

This allows you to leverage customer communications (invoices, statements, …) to include other types of content such as promotions, offers or additional company information. A model promotional communication with an impact to four times higher than other types of advertising sent.

Redesign and adapt their existing documents, optimizing the blanks for the location of promotional messages or personalized offers.
We incorporate business rules to manage any variable segmentation and any promotion, giving priority to implementing them.
Compositing software allows creating documents for multiple communication channels, maintaining consistency between them, allowing the deployment of an integrated multichannel strategy.
In Meydis we are experts in dynamic document composition: take the millions of transaction records each customer, and based on them and business rules associated with each, we make a unique and personalized promotional document.